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Dunedin Nature Tours & Activities

On the southeastern coast of New Zealand lies a city renowned for its unique history and iconic wildlife. Overlooking the Southern and South Pacific Ocean, Dunedin seems like it is located at the very edge of the world. The city centre’s architecture reflects Dunedin’s staunch Scottish roots, intertwined with the ancestral home of the indigenous Māori tribe, Ngāi Tahu.

As the oldest city in New Zealand, Dunedin thrives on its heritage and founding values. It was named a UNESCO City of Literature due to its rich creative and educational culture, joining its sister city Edinburgh. The University of Otago is the life and heart of the city today, producing generations of talented and internationally recognised scholars over the last 150 years.

Looking beyond the historical city itself, Back to Nature tours offers a range of activities focused on exploring the picturesque landscapes and wildlife surrounding Dunedin. We have tailored our tours to encompass the areas that define this region. We journey across the Royal Peninsula to meet yellow-eyed penguins, take you on a refreshing coastal walk, explore the bays and exceptional views of Dunedin, walk along the rugged coastline of the Catlins, and step aboard the infamous Taieri Gorge railway.

Read more about what you can see in Dunedin, and opt for one or more of our tours to see for yourself why all globetrotters have it on their bucket list.

Nature Walks

This small town is an attractive destination for a diverse range of travellers. Dunedin itself is renowned for its heritage, but what people really love is the fact that they are only a few steps away from nature at all times. On the west, it is lassoed by dramatic cliffs which provide opportunities for more adventurous travellers like climbers and mountain bikers. Whilst on its eastern side, you can escape to one of its long, sandy beaches that attract avid surfers, seals and sea lions. Back to Nature Tours have tailored a range of Dunedin tours allowing you to venture further from the city.

Dunedin Penguin Tours

People from around the world travel to the very south of New Zealand in order to see Dunedin’s endemic and rich wildlife. Only here can you see a mainland breeding colony of the Royal Albatross, and meet the critically endangered yellow-eyed penguin or Hoiho — meaning ‘noise shouter’ in Te Reo Māori. The Otago Peninsula is also home to little blue penguin or Korora — the world’s smallest penguin at just 30 cm. With half of all penguin species breeding in NZ, there’s always the possibility of encountering more.

Dunedin Shore Excursions

Thirteen million years ago, Dunedin’s coastline convulsed with volcanic activity. Today, it is covered in long white sand beaches where people come to enjoy the fresh cool air and wide-open spaces, complete with sleepy marine mammals. It is not uncommon for us to have the entire beach to ourselves, away from it all. Together, we take a stroll down the coastline as it offers unforgettable views of the city, ocean, cliffs, and dense forests.

Best Time to Go on One of Our Dunedin Tours

Dunedin characterises the temperate (Scottish!) climate; the southerly winds can often be chilly, and there’s a good chance of precipitation all year-round. Considering this, the best time to visit Dunedin is from November until the end of March, when temperatures can reach between 20°C – 30°C.

Despite this, Dunedin welcomes tourists all year-round. The weather is always pleasant and enjoyable enough for you to take a nature walk, fill your lungs with fresh air, and fill your mind with unforgettable memories. No matter when you choose to take one of our Dunedin tours, we guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience.